ABOUT Legal Roc Investigations, LLC 

Legal ROC Investigations, LLC started in January of 2012 with over 20 years of Investigation Services and Paralegal Services already acquired. Tonya Sabo, Lead Investigator and Owner, is a Board Certified Forensic Interviewer trained in Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery as well as a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator. Legal ROC Investigators are a solid team coming from many different backgrounds. Our degrees range from Criminal Justice to Homeland Security. We are experienced working in Family Law, Civil Law and Criminal Defense. The strong paralegal background gives Legal ROC Investigators an edge with attorneys over other investigative firms because we know what the attorney is looking for; why the attorney needs it; when the attorney needs it; and how to package it all together for the attorney to properly present it to the court, their client, and/or other legal venues. We work diligently to find “proof of the truth”. Legal ROC Investigators are tenacious and meticulous; leaving no stone under turned, so attorneys can focus on what they need to do, while leaving our investigative team to handle the rest. Our finesse gets us through the door, our tact and experience gets the information needed.



Kerry L. Armstrong
The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong

I have been a client/customer of Legal ROC’s since its inception several years ago.  I have used them many times over the past several years, and I have always gotten great results with their work.  Tonya and her crew find witnesses that no other investigator can find.  They uncover helpful things for my cases via witness interviews, social media searches, background research, and many other ways.  I have had Tonya sit with me through several major trials where my clients were facing life in prison, and we have gotten great results.  She has testified in several of my trials, and her work has been unimpeachable.  I highly recommend Legal ROC for any of your investigative needs.  No other private investigation firm comes close. 

Matthew Clendenin, Esq.
The Bronson Firm

Our firm has used the services of Tonya and Legal ROC Investigations for several years now. We are continually impressed with their dedication, response time, and results. Tonya knows the right questions to ask – and has the acumen to serve as an excellent witness in court when the need arises. Highly recommended!

Craig L. Combs, Esq. | Partner
Wasserman Kornheiser Combs, LLP

“The Legal ROC team’s investigatory prowess consistently impresses me with their tenacity, thoroughness, and creativity with results delivered in a timely, organized, and comprehensive manner. They will continue to be our first choice for investigation services.”

David P. Shapiro, Esq. | Managing Partner
The Law Offices of David P. Shapiro, APLC

Tonya and her team at LegalRoc are one of the best, if not THE best, investigators I have worked with in my career as a San Diego based criminal defense attorney. Tonya maintains a level of preparation and thoroughness in her work that is rare in any field, particularly when it comes to private investigators. She is a valuable asset to any legal team she works with, but is most valuable to the clients! LegalRoc is usually the first call I make whenever a case my firm handles has the budget for top-notch investigation.

Scott M. Schlegel | Attorney at Law
The Law Offices of Scott M. Schlegel

Tonya Sabo and her team at Legal Roc Investigations were relentless in seeking out defense witnesses and obtaining statements for a life case that I took to trial. Due to LRI’s hard work, we discovered witnesses and information that ultimately contributed to a full reversal on appeal. I would highly recommend LRI for any investigative needs.

Jodea Foster | Attorney at Law
Law Office of Jodea Foster

"I am a criminal defense attorney in practice since 1992. Tonya Sabo worked as a legal assistant and paralegal at a firm with me from 1994 to 1998. It was clear her talents were not being used to their potential. I left that firm to start my own practice and in 2000 I sought out and hired Tonya Sabo to work with me. She worked as my paralegal until approximately 2006 when she moved to San Diego. I have not had such a qualified legal assistant since she moved. Tonya was a supervising paralegal and office manager at her first job in San Diego before becoming a licensed private investigator in 2012. I have followed her career and spoken with her often about her cases at various continuing legal education seminars that we both attend. Tonya Sabo is part of a winning team and has a demanding work ethic. She knows what makes people tick and where to look for the pertinent information. I've only had the opportunity to utilize Tonya briefly to interview a witness in San Diego on a death penalty case from Northern California but if I practiced in San Diego I would not hesitate to hire Tonya Sabo on all my cases."

Dan Greene | Attorney and Legal ROC Champion

"“Legal ROC Investigations is one of the TOP investigation firms in town. They have provided extensive work on many of my cases, including the serious and complex case matters requiring thorough and detailed investigative action. Tonya Sabo is literally tireless in her efforts to obtain information needed to provide our shared clients with the best defense we can muster. Ms. Sabo and her staff are highly skilled, highly competent and tenacious. They track down leads and prospective witnesses, obtain detailed statements, provide case timelines, outlines and are always eager to brainstorm ideas and theories. Maybe most importantly, the Legal ROC teams makes itself available day, night and then some. Legal ROC is an investigative company attorneys can count on and my clients have been extremely impressed with the quality of work and results. I highly endorse Tonya Sabo and Legal ROC Investigations for your legal investigative needs.”


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